Getting Cozy... California Style

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I am so excited to show you a few seasonal updates in my home! AllModern has graciously sponsored this post, and I decided to partner with them because I love the concept of their #happymoderndays campaign. Mostly, I like anything with happy in the title.

First of all, I was introduced to AllModern when I moved to LA. I knew/had heard about it before, but hadn't really shopped the site until I found myself in a new, larger home that needed to be furnished. I was pleased to see a lot of my favorite brands, like Dwell Studio, available for really affordable prices. (Which is great because when you move to LA, you need to buy a whole new wardrobe too.)

Speaking of moving to LA, I can't even begin to tell you how annoying (ANNOYING) it is that it's not getting cold this year. So while I normally like to start decorating in early October with pumpkins lining my front porch, I just didn't have it in me this year. It was too damn hot to haul giant ass pumpkins from the car to the porch. 

Instead, I decided to bring some cozy elements inside to signal that 'seasonal change' -- even if the thermostat wasn't signaling a thing. Enter AllModern: 

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First things first, THAT THROW. That throwwww! It's a chunky knit merino wool blanket and holy moly, it's on sale right now because AllModern doesn't make Cyber Monday end on Monday. You're welcome. I posted it to my Insta-Stories when I first got it and I honestly have never had so many people slide into my DMs in my life. 

I have seen similar products on social media a lot, and to be honest I was a little apprehensive about owning one myself. I was worried about the quality (would it be scratchy?) or it being too 'nice' to actually use (would I ruin it in a second?) But we draped it over our leather chair from The Citizenry and it was the best decision ever. The chair was comfy before, but now it's like... level 100 comfortable and we'll even move it to face the television and sit there instead of the sofa. It's really soft, and cozy, and Christmas-y... and most importantly Roxanne (the cat) is obsessed. Let me tell you, my heart stopped for a moment the first time she hopped up there for a nap. Also, she's literally sleeping there as I type this. 

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The gold wire basket is also from AllModern, also on sale, and also the best thing ever. (You can find it here.) I love that it doesn't really take up visual "height" -- which means that I can have a really nice display on the coffee table without it ruining my sight line to the TV. (Nothing gets in the way of me + the housewives.) 

Onto the dining room...

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I bid farewell to my usual floral arrangements for some mid-century candlesticks by Dwell Studio. While I think that they can be used all year, they bring that distinctive bit of holiday glamour that I was craving. Plus, they're the perfect shade of "winter white" -- which is a thing. 

All this to say, if you need some last minute festivity, I would definitely look to AllModern. They've got free shipping over $49, and tons of selections in their holiday shop including trees, wreaths, and ornaments. You'll be rockin' around the Christmas Tree in no time!


PS: I tried to take photos with my dusty DSLR and immediately realized I am back at square one with learning to use that thing. Bear with me as I continue to practice and improve. ;-) 

The above is my opinion and not influenced by the sponsor. 

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