Our Bedroom's Evolution

The room in our house I've had the toughest time decorating is the bedroom. I haven't been happy with the way it looks, which is really frustrating because our bedroom in San Francisco was a dream. Here's what it looked like:


That bay window! So pretty. Later on, we moved it from the window to the other wall so that it'd be a little quieter, and it was just as cute: 

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.07.30 PM.png

Then we moved to Los Angeles, and kept all of our existing bedroom furniture, and quickly discovered two main challenges with the new room: the small size and that every single wall has a window or door. Because of this, we're stuck with one layout option. When we first moved in, the bedroom looked like this: 

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.12.55 PM.png

It was certainly cute, but I really wasn't feeling it to be honest. Here's the deal: the windows behind the bed look directly at our neighbor's driveway. Being a neighborhood with small lots, the driveway is not only where they park but where their kids play. Basically, it's a view you'd want to block all of the time. The bedroom deserves some privacy, no?? I bought those curtains from H&M in hopes they'd look like a cool textile or wall hanging, but the inexpensive fabric let light shine right through. It was an okay solution for awhile, but I always felt like the room was cluttered or messy. 

So I partnered with Barn & Willow, this really great custom window covering company. I realized that patterned drapes = too crazy. I wanted something restful that would blend in with the wall and look just like the wall itself. I color matched to the existing paint (we're in a rental, after all) and found the perfect linen. Barn & Willow also has options for blackout lining AND interlining, which reduces sound. (Remember those kids I mentioned?) So the room looked more polished and peaceful, and I was happy....ish! Here's how it looked: 


The curtains were a total game changer! Seriously. You can read more about my love for them here. But something still felt... off. And the more I evaluated it, I realized the bed wasn't really the style we were going for.

It's a beautiful bed, and we really loved how it looked in our last place. But we'd outgrown it... literally. It was a queen size mattress. We're both light sleepers, and we have two cats that hop on and off of the bed all night long. It's also worth mentioning, I have a bit of an anger issue if I'm woken up from a deep sleep. #rageblackout #sorrytim We kept talking about how we'd really love a king size mattress and felt it would really improve our sleep. But every time I looked at new beds, I didn't see any I loved. I guess in all honesty, the ones I loved were WAY out of our budget. And we were worried a larger bed would look insane in the small-ish room. I went back and forth on it for over a year before finally just breaking out the measuring tape and seeing how much space it would take up. I realized that it might be a little tight, but it actually could fit with ease.

Around this time, I was contacted by Zenhaven -- a 100% pure latex mattress. I struggle with skin issues and allergies, so I was really impressed by the fact Zenhaven is eco-friendly and toxin free. Tim always complains about being too warm, so he was impressed by the claims that the construction stays cool and breathable. And we both wanted something plush, but not too soft because we both have joint/back pain. It sounded like the perfect opportunity.

I was a few weeks away from my surgery and though it seemed like a stressful time to take on a design project, it also seemed like the perfect time. Zenhaven has the option for an adjustable base... which means yes, a remote controlled bed AKA the head and feet can move up and down. In the past, I'd read about it and was like okay, I definitely don't need a hospital bed in my house. But then, my surgery was getting closer and closer, and all the forums I read suggested renting a recliner to sleep in or buying pregnancy pillows to prop yourself up. And I though, maybe I DOOOOO need a hospital bed in my house?! SPOILER: Aside from the remote control aspect, it's NOTHING like a hospital bed. It's heaven. 

The base is called Lineal and now that I'm able to sleep any which way, I still find myself using the base every single day. When we wake up, we'll prop the head up to have morning coffee before hopping out of bed and getting ready. In the evenings as we're getting ready to go to sleep, we'll use it and I read while Tim draws. It's really comfortable and easy to use. We can position ourselves perfectly and it's just so luxurious. And if you've seen a commercial where someone is snoring and the bed gets propped up and then they stop snoring? Yep. Miracle worker. I could go on and on, but I wrote a more formal review on Rue and you can check it out here. As for visuals, here's how the mattress looks in action: 

As for the look of the room, I'm really pleased. I found a beautiful headboard at Target that attached right to the Lineal base. (Many thanks to my dad and Tim for doing that, as the headboard arrived a few days after I was home from the hospital. Like I said, it was a quick timeline!) And I went with Crane & Canopy for bedding, because they're literally the best and though linen is popular, it's not my thing. I am obsessed with the texture and softness of Crane & Canopy sheets, and their quilts are the perfect weight. Here's how it all looks: 

Rue Mag-14.jpg
Rue Mag-15.jpg

I really, really love it! Without the bulky bed frame, it's visually much more restful in there. And honestly, it LOOKS and feels bigger without that bulky bed frame. So even though the mattress is substantially larger, the room doesn't feel like it's all bed and nothing else. 

If I were to still look at it with a critical design eye, I might say I've outgrown that rug. (I have definitely outgrown that rug.) It was the rug we used in our dining room in San Francisco. It's high quality and really cute, but I don't know that the tone of the blue is quite right. Having said that, I am not a big fan of the current Instagram trend of replacing every single thing in your house every season. (In fact, the old bed moved right up to Tim's art studio so that our guests no longer have to sleep on an air mattress. And come to think of it, the H&M curtains are up there too!) So even though I think a more neutral rug would complement the space better, I think it'd be wasteful to replace it at this time. I'm trying to only replace or update things that are outright damaged or will improve our quality of life. This rug is not that; I think it has a few more good years in it! At the very least, I could switch it with another rug in the house for a fresh look. 

Well, I have to admit this post was a real brain teaser for me. I have had a really difficult time focusing and putting words together since my surgery (am I still under anesthesia, or...??) but I wanted the challenge of a more complex blog post. It was indeed a challenge, so if you made it this far, many thanks! And for a final look, though my hair is currently in a topknot, this is essentially how I looked while writing it:

Bless that adjustable base. Many thanks to Bess Friday for the first photo of our SF bedroom, and to Monica Wang for the most recent images of our LA bedroom. To read more about the curtains, click here. And to read a more detailed review on the Zenhaven mattress, click here.

As a disclaimer, Zenhaven provided me with the mattress + base, but this is otherwise not sponsored and my opinions are my own. 

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