Photo by  Monica Wang

Photo by Monica Wang

Well, after years of complaining about my old Blogger account, I thought it was finally time to have a PROPER website. I would always post on my Instagram "I'll be blogging about it on my own site soon!" and then I never would. Now, it wasn't because I felt embarrassed that I named the blog in the height of the "noun and noun" trend. It wasn't because I felt embarrassed by the "outfit pictures" in the archives. It was because I had a blogger account from 2010 and it was excruciatingly difficult to use. 

So, after one too many times of writing a novel in an Instagram caption, and even though I barely have time to think, I made the decision to set up a new website. I hope it will be easier to upload images, format blog posts, and share whatever the heck I felt like sharing - whether it's vacation diaries, cool design trends, new music I'm loving, or just a rant about the latest episode of Housewives. 

For those of you who have no idea who I am OR simply found me off of Instagram, I'll be formally introducing myself soon. For those of you who have followed me to three different domain names, I am so thankful for your endless support and can't wait to connect here!


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